• A well-organized wardrobe is a big relief, both in terms of practicality and aesthetics. With Christina's help from CT 'STYLE PROJECT, we tidied up my wardrobe, she advised me what clothes to wear to fit my body style and how to always keep my wardrobe organized, saving money.

  • Christina is an organizational and pleasant character !!! She is the most suitable person to take over our wardrobe.
    With her tips and solutions I got rid of useless things that take up useful space and with a little money, I renewed my clothes and my life. I highly recommend her !!!

  • I went shopping with Christina from CT 'STYLE PROJECT, she suggested me clothes I never imagined myself with though I still follow her styling tips, I buy clothes that suit me and I don't burden my wardrobe with unnecessary things.

  • I am a working mom and I find time to fix my wardrobe. With CT 'STYLE PROJECT and Christina we organized my closet
    with the necessities and so now I have a neat wardrobe and more time with my family.