Life is a balance between relationships, situations and items. The balance between what we can change, what we can accept and what we can let go. We need to simplify our life either by choosing what to hold on to, what is valuable and necessary and choosing to let go of everything that weighs us down and causes chaos.

Less stuff - Less work - Less expense

More money - More time - More joy

Less equals More CT 'STYLEPROJECT by Christina Tripodianaki, is an idea created with the aim of simplifying - guiding, providing services and advice that will assist, in the ideal way, in the daily life of woman, worker or not, and man, equally. Because YES… a well-groomed and structured appearance, intertwined with our personality and characteristics, DESERVATELY contributes to the positive outcome of a result, either personally or professionally.




To know how to dress depending on the capacity and the environment in which it is located?

Who wouldn't want to open their closet and not be stressed? But be neat and equipped with the right and necessary.

Move or renovate his personal space and have someone to help him?

To know how he could combine something old with something new without worrying?

Even if she/he is working, she/he can deal with herself / himself, collaborating with the appropriate person, at her/his own time and mainly from the comfort of her / his home, in the form of a video call.

CT ’STYLEPROJECT by Christina Tripodianaki, came to turn our daily life into the most enjoyable and most flexible habit!